Textil Planas Oliveras is finalizing the arrangements for the opening of a new logistics distribution platform in Valencia with large capacity to store and distribute all our products references. This center will manage the logistic of Texpol products manufactured in our production plant located in Manresa (Barcelona) to the areas of Levante.

This measure represents a major investment and is part the business plan designed by the company that includes adapting the facilities and services to the latest market and clients´ requirements. The opening of this new logistic platform, scheduled for November 2015, is added to existing platforms, located in Manresa, Madrid and Gran Canaria. Consequently, the product distribution of Texpol is based in being close to their customers, in strategic geographic positions.

This measure represents a key improvement in the service we offer, allowing us to reduce delivery deadlines and make special deliveries and manage both small and large volume shipments.